Believe in Life Insurance

Recently, on a popular radio program, someone mentioned during a conversation with the host how her husband “didn’t believe in life insurance” and, hence, he didn’t own any at the time of his death (and subsequently left his family in somewhat of a financial mess).

Having heard this statement before, but not always sure what someone means by it, we would like to offer 3 possibilities of what people might really be saying with this statement:

1. “I don’t believe life insurance exists”
2. “I don’t believe life insurance will actually pay when I die”
3. “I don’t believe I will ever need life insurance”

Unfortunately, if either one of the first two statements accurately defines your beliefs in regards to life insurance we don’t feel we are going to be able to convince you otherwise (if lifetimes of evidence can’t already do that for you). However, we believe the third statement most often describes what someone means when they say they “don’t believe in the life insurance.” And, quite honestly, if life insurance was about benefiting yourself, it is correct that you will not need life insurance – after all, in most cases you will not personally get any money from your life insurance as you will be dead when it pays out.

However, we don’t sell life insurance, and people don’t usually buy life insurance, because they personally need it. Life insurance isn’t about you; it is about your family, your loved ones, and/or your business associates. It is to provide financial protection and security to them, not to you. It is to help them when they need that help the most.

When you stop thinking about whether you will need life insurance, and instead think about what would happen to your family, loved ones, or business if something happened to you, then you will realize that life insurance is for real and those you care about may in fact desperately need it to help them through a time and situation they never thought would come.

We invite you to make 2014 the year that you begin to believe in life insurance.

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Even Santa Claus Needs Life Insurance

Have you ever seen the movie, “The Santa Clause” with Tim Allen? If so, you’ll remember what happened to the original Santa Claus before Tim Allen stepped into the Santa suit. With that experience in mind, Santa Claus is not going to forget to get himself a Christmas present this year: Life Insurance. After all, with Mrs. Claus and a lot of elves to take care of back at the North Pole, Santa Claus can’t afford not to have life insurance (especially with all of those slippery roofs). Likewise, as you prepare for Christmas by purchasing presents for your loved ones, consider how you could provide the gift of financial security for many Christmases to come, even if you are not around. Follow Santa’s lead and get life insurance today.

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Ladder Your Life Insurance

What does it mean to ladder life insurance, and how can it help you in your financial planning? Learn more by watching the following video…

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Can your term life insurance do this?

When people decide to purchase life insurance they often look for the most cost-friendly option, which is almost always term life insurance. These policies offer a set death benefit, at a set price, for a set amount of years. After obtaining term life insurance they then add this to their financial planning file with the idea that it will only be of value and pay out money if they die.

However, what will you do to financially provide for your family if you get critically ill, but do not die? Also, how will you financially provide for your family if you become disabled? These concerns used to only be covered by separate policies or possibly through expensive cash value policies. Now there is a new and much less expensive option. Term life insurance with living benefits!

There are now term life insurance policies, priced at the low cost you would expect of term life insurance, which offer access to your death benefit in the case of a critical illness—such as a heart attack, stroke, or paralysis. This is not all though. You even have the option of obtaining a set amount of monthly income from your policy in the event you become totally disabled. Finally, these policies are still life insurance policies, so they will pay out a death benefit when you die.

No longer are all term policies created equal. Get much more for your money, while still taking advantage of low term life prices, with term life insurance with living benefits! Even if you recently purchased term life insurance you may want to consider replacing what you have with these revolutionary new term life insurance products. Contact us today for more information.

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Term life insurance that pays before you die

When you think about a life insurance policy you think of it as a way to provide income to your family when you die, right? Of course, there are whole life and universal life insurance policies that can offer access to cash value while living after a certain number of years and amount of premium paid. However, these are often out of financial reach for many people and do not fit into their financial planning. For most middle income families a term life insurance policy is going to be the life insurance policy of choice because it provides a large death benefit for a low cost. But, once again, it only provides a payout at death, right?

Not anymore. There are now term life insurance policies that can provide financial protection against critical, chronic, and terminal illness. For example, what kind of financial state would your family be in if you were diagnosed with cancer, became paralyzed in an accident, or were diagnosed with some other disease that left you unable to fully take care of yourself? The death benefit from a TERM life insurance policy, issued by some companies, can now be accessed while you are living if you are facing a chronic, critical, or terminal illness.* In other words, term life insurance now offers another layer of financial protection against the unknowns of life—bringing greater peace of mind and financial security during life’s most difficult moments.

*Not available in all states.

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Speed up the life insurance application process

“What is taking so long?” This is a question that many people who apply for life insurance ask as they wait for their application to be approved and policy delivered. With the internet creating rapid response time in so many industries, it is understandable for those seeking life insurance wanting a “finished product” so quickly.

Life insurance companies are listening and new processes are catching on in an industry that can be slow to change. However, agents and agencies must adapt and incorporate these new tools to make them helpful to consumers.

Here at CEG Life, we have been taking these new tools and putting them together in one package to offer the consumer an easier and faster way to obtain life insurance. While many independent agencies offer the same products, and even offer competent and quality advice regarding life insurance; in addition to that we offer a much easier way to get life insurance. Get instant price quotes, research company strength ratings, calculate replacement income, and apply online—all from our website. You can even receive and pay for your policy electronically on the very same day it is approved!

However, even with all the speed and convenience offered by our online tools, we still offer personal advice and information tailored to each client, over the phone, via e-mail, or in person, according to each client’s wishes.

Online convenience. Personalized Service. CEG Life Insurance.

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Life Insurance Awareness Month 2013

Along with “back to school” and the beginning of the college and NFL football seasons starting in September, it is also Life Insurance Awareness Month. This year, Boomer Esiason serves as the official spokesperson for this important cause. While most sports fans know him as a former NFL MVP and current NFL analyst, they probably don’t know his back story of his mom dying while he was just 7 years old.

70 percent of U.S. households with children under 18 would have trouble meeting everyday living expenses within a few months if a primary wage earner were to die today. If you are one of those, time to take advantage of what life insurance can do for your family.

Listen to Boomer’s story and then take just a few minutes to make sure your family is financially protected with life insurance if something were to happen to you.

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“I don’t have time to get life insurance right now”


What activities are your days filled with that you can’t take at least 30 minutes researching and 10 minutes applying for a policy that could literally make the difference between your family being able to support themselves or being forced to go on some sort of welfare if you were to die?! Your entire combined active involvement in obtaining life insurance can take less time than watching a movie. You can run instant price quotes in less than one minute; apply in less than 10 minutes; complete a health interview and mini-physical exam in less than 30 minutes; and accept a policy offer in less than 10 minutes. In less than 60 total minutes of your active participation, you can provide financial protection for your family at a guaranteed rate that you can lock-in at anywhere from 10 years to the rest of your life. Are you really too busy to take a combined hour out of your life to make sure your family can be financially secure if you were to die prematurely?

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Demystifying Life Insurance

CEG Life Insurance Services was profiled in this month’s issue of The Suit Magazine! You can click on the below picture of our article to be taken to The Suit Magazine’s website where you can read this month’s entire issue, including our article.

This article (including the title itself) captures what our company’s mission is.

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Death by the numbers

While it is not a pleasant topic of conversation, nor an enjoyable thought to dwell on, death does come to everyone. Here is a very interesting statistical breakdown of death in the United States. Our point in posting this is not to satisfy morbid curiousity, but rather to remind everyone of both the certainty, as well as the uncertainty, of death. Because of the uncertainty of when death will occur, we offer the certainty of a financial payout at the time of death through a life insurance policy. This product is specifically meant to protect against a financial struggle at the time of life’s most difficult emotional struggle.

Hence, while you look over the statistics of death, we hope you remember that those who are most affected by death are the ones the deceased leaves behind. Life insurance is meant to help them.

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