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Unemployed? Don’t go uninsured!

During the current recession many people have lost their jobs and are looking for work—you may be one of them. Unfortunately, when people lose their jobs they may lose more than just a regular paycheck; they also lose the supplemental … Continue reading

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Think green? Go hybrid.

No, we are not talking about the environment and cars—we are talking about your money and your life insurance policy. When looking for the least expensive life insurance coverage in the short-run, the best choice is usually a term life … Continue reading

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What is a life insurance “rider”?

Unless you work in the insurance industry, there is a good chance you have no idea what an agent is talking about when he uses the term “rider”. Unfortunately, too many agents take what they know for granted—as if everybody … Continue reading


Luxury or Necessity?

In the current economic conditions we live in, individuals, families, and businesses are rightly looking to cut expenses in their budget as revenue streams aren’t flowing as strongly as they once were. Unfortunately, in the search for unnecessary expenses to … Continue reading

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