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Life Insurance Enters the Digital Age

Let’s face it, life insurance as a product is old—literally. In fact, many life insurance companies are well over 100 years old. Additionally, life insurance is in large part sold by older-age agents to older-age clients. Furthermore, they usually use … Continue reading

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What if?

The question of “what if” is one that we have throughout our lives. It can relate to our dreams, our fears, our work, our family, and many other aspects of our lives. However, no matter what aspect of our life … Continue reading

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Disability Insurance Awareness Month

Unbeknownst to most people (understandably), May is “Disability Insurance Awareness Month”. Amazingly enough, 3 in 10 workers will become disabled for 3 months or more during their career. Also, most disabilities (90%) are the result of illness not accidents. A … Continue reading

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5 Steps to Start Taking Now to Achieve Financial Security

1. Maintain a budget 2. Start using a savings account 3. Get insurance 4. Set up a will 5. Invest for the future How many of these steps have you taken? Chances are there are one or more of these … Continue reading

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Believe in Life Insurance

Recently, on a popular radio program, someone mentioned during a conversation with the host how her husband “didn’t believe in life insurance” and, hence, he didn’t own any at the time of his death (and subsequently left his family in … Continue reading

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Even Santa Claus Needs Life Insurance

Have you ever seen the movie, “The Santa Clause” with Tim Allen? If so, you’ll remember what happened to the original Santa Claus before Tim Allen stepped into the Santa suit. With that experience in mind, Santa Claus is not … Continue reading

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Ladder Your Life Insurance

What does it mean to ladder life insurance, and how can it help you in your financial planning? Learn more by watching the following video…

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Can your term life insurance do this?

When people decide to purchase life insurance they often look for the most cost-friendly option, which is almost always term life insurance. These policies offer a set death benefit, at a set price, for a set amount of years. After … Continue reading

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Term life insurance that pays before you die

When you think about a life insurance policy you think of it as a way to provide income to your family when you die, right? Of course, there are whole life and universal life insurance policies that can offer access … Continue reading

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Speed up the life insurance application process

“What is taking so long?” This is a question that many people who apply for life insurance ask as they wait for their application to be approved and policy delivered. With the internet creating rapid response time in so many … Continue reading

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