Life Insurance Policy Review

To get your Life Insurance Policy Review, simply fill out the “In-force Policy Illustration” request form with your current life insurance company’s name, name of the insured (most likely yourself), your policy number, and then sign & date. You can send in this form to us via mail, e-mail, or fax.

Click here to download and print the “In-force Policy Illustration” request form.

Once we receive this form, we will send it into your company and obtain an “In-force Policy Illustration” from them of your life insurance policy’s current guaranteed and projected performance. Next, we will analyze this information and then create a simple and easy to read synopsis for your benefit. This synopsis, and the corresponding “In-force Policy Illustration”, will then be sent to you via mail or e-mail, whatever you prefer.

Do you have term life insurance?

If so, you can perform your own life insurance policy review on our website. Simply open your policy to the “Policy Data” page (probably one of the first 3 pages) to find out your term length, policy date, policy amount, and premium. Then click on the “Home” tab above and follow the simple instructions to obtain an instant policy quote.

You may be pleasantly surprised that you can get the same amount of insurance with a new term length for the same amount you are currently paying, or less.

Watch our “YouTube” educational video on a life insurance policy review.

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