Believe in Life Insurance

Recently, on a popular radio program, someone mentioned during a conversation with the host how her husband “didn’t believe in life insurance” and, hence, he didn’t own any at the time of his death (and subsequently left his family in somewhat of a financial mess).

Having heard this statement before, but not always sure what someone means by it, we would like to offer 3 possibilities of what people might really be saying with this statement:

1. “I don’t believe life insurance exists”
2. “I don’t believe life insurance will actually pay when I die”
3. “I don’t believe I will ever need life insurance”

Unfortunately, if either one of the first two statements accurately defines your beliefs in regards to life insurance we don’t feel we are going to be able to convince you otherwise (if lifetimes of evidence can’t already do that for you). However, we believe the third statement most often describes what someone means when they say they “don’t believe in the life insurance.” And, quite honestly, if life insurance was about benefiting yourself, it is correct that you will not need life insurance – after all, in most cases you will not personally get any money from your life insurance as you will be dead when it pays out.

However, we don’t sell life insurance, and people don’t usually buy life insurance, because they personally need it. Life insurance isn’t about you; it is about your family, your loved ones, and/or your business associates. It is to provide financial protection and security to them, not to you. It is to help them when they need that help the most.

When you stop thinking about whether you will need life insurance, and instead think about what would happen to your family, loved ones, or business if something happened to you, then you will realize that life insurance is for real and those you care about may in fact desperately need it to help them through a time and situation they never thought would come.

We invite you to make 2014 the year that you begin to believe in life insurance.

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