Can your term life insurance do this?

When people decide to purchase life insurance they often look for the most cost-friendly option, which is almost always term life insurance. These policies offer a set death benefit, at a set price, for a set amount of years. After obtaining term life insurance they then add this to their financial planning file with the idea that it will only be of value and pay out money if they die.

However, what will you do to financially provide for your family if you get critically ill, but do not die? Also, how will you financially provide for your family if you become disabled? These concerns used to only be covered by separate policies or possibly through expensive cash value policies. Now there is a new and much less expensive option. Term life insurance with living benefits!

There are now term life insurance policies, priced at the low cost you would expect of term life insurance, which offer access to your death benefit in the case of a critical illness—such as a heart attack, stroke, or paralysis. This is not all though. You even have the option of obtaining a set amount of monthly income from your policy in the event you become totally disabled. Finally, these policies are still life insurance policies, so they will pay out a death benefit when you die.

No longer are all term policies created equal. Get much more for your money, while still taking advantage of low term life prices, with term life insurance with living benefits! Even if you recently purchased term life insurance you may want to consider replacing what you have with these revolutionary new term life insurance products. Contact us today for more information.

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  1. Chad Free says:

    I think this will be huge!!! Fantastic idea!!

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