Disability Insurance Awareness Month

Unbeknownst to most people (understandably), May is “Disability Insurance Awareness Month”.

Amazingly enough, 3 in 10 workers will become disabled for 3 months or more during their career. Also, most disabilities (90%) are the result of illness not accidents. A disability can literally wipe out months, years, or even a lifetime of potential income – disability insurance can protect that from happening. Yet, even though disability insurance is one of the most needed of insurances, it is one of the least purchased.

Think you don’t need disability insurance? You may learn that your alternative plan really doesn’t provide you any financial security – find out now by reviewing 4 common myths related to disability insurance.

If you are interested in a few quotes for disability insurance click here where you can run instant price quotes online. There is even a policy available that allows you to receive all of your payments back at age 67 if you never end up needing your disability insurance.

Don’t leave your paycheck unprotected any longer. Get disability insurance to keep your family income safe from the unexpected.

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