Got a smartphone and one minute? Apply for life insurance!

How easy is it to compare price quotes and apply for life insurance? A lot easier than you think. In fact, we at CEG Life Insurance Services have made it so easy that you can literally pull out your smartphone wherever you are, instantly compare the five lowest prices for life insurance (according to your specific information), and request an application, all in less than sixty seconds.

Our new mobile website is specifically designed to work with your smartphone to make it easier than ever to get life insurance. Are you sitting in a waiting room at your doctor’s or dentist’s office? Apply for life insurance! Riding a bus to work? Apply for life insurance! Stuck in a boring meeting? Apply for life insurance! Out on a date with your spouse (and he or she is in the bathroom)? Apply for life insurance!

Finally, with just a smartphone and one spare minute, you can get started on what you have been meaning to do but never got around to. So, next time you have a spare minute pull out your smartphone – and apply for life insurance!

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