How much is a stay-at-home mom worth?

If you ask their children, no dollar amount is high enough—and who could argue? The contribution a stay-at-home mom makes is no less valuable than that of her husband and, in fact, many would say even more valuable. Yet, ironically, when life insurance is discussed some mistakenly believe that because the wife does not work outside the home there is no need to purchase a life insurance policy on her. Of course, that line of thinking would be similar to thinking that a stay-at-home mom does not work—which is not only incorrect, but she often works harder and longer than the husband (for husbands who disagree: stay at home for a weekend with the kids while your wife leaves, and you may reconsider). Hence, even though a stay-at-home mom may not bring home a paycheck, the services she provides (child care, house cleaning, food preparation, taxi services, shopping, etc.) most definitely would require a paycheck if she were not available to perform them.

So, while you may not initially think that there is a need for life insurance on a stay-at-home mom, carefully consider what the financial impact would be on a family if she were no longer there to do the innumerable tasks that she does.

While no loving child would trade their mom for any sum of money, a stay-at-home mom can continue to show her love and care for her children and husband through life insurance—and thereby make sure they will not need to suffer financially if she were to die unexpectedly.

Stay-at-home moms (and all women): Calculate your economic value at

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