Life Insurance Awareness (Month)


As the month of September rolls around each year, people start preparing for a number of “events”, such as the beginning of a new school year, the kickoff of the football season, and the upcoming holidays. However, the past few Septembers the insurance industry has been working hard to make people aware of something even more important that they should be prepared for: the financial security of their family or loved ones in the event of their death. It is with this cause in mind that September has been officially designated “Life Insurance Awareness Month.”

While death is certainly not something as fun to prepare for as school, football, or the holidays, your family’s financial security after you pass away is a major factor in allowing them to continue to enjoy those other “events”.

Unfortunately, though, even as “awareness” of the importance of life insurance increases, the actual percentage of people owning life insurance, or enough life insurance, has been decreasing. It has been reported that 7 out of 10 American households with children under 18 would not be able to meet expenses if the primary wage-earner died. That is a lot of children who could potentially go without sufficient financial support if one of their parents were to die. Are you among those 7 households?

As a member of the life insurance industry we are trying to do our part in raising “awareness” of the importance of life insurance this month (and every month). For this year’s campaign, we have created a unique electronic flyer that points out the above mentioned statistic, along with numerous other statistics on who has life insurance, how much they own (on average), who doesn’t have any life insurance, and who needs more life insurance.

We also offer our website’s services, which include life insurance price quotes in less than 30 seconds, an online application process that can be completed in about 10 minutes, life insurance policy reviews for those who already have a policy, company report cards that show the financial strength and stability of the numerous life insurance carriers, and a needs analysis calculator to help you know how much life insurance is the right amount for your family. And, all of these tools are self-service, allowing you to research and buy life insurance on your time, and at your convenience. Of course, our agents are also ready and willing to provide additional assistance upon request.

So, while you are sending kids off to school, watching football, or buying costumes or presents for the upcoming holidays, make sure you become “aware” of the importance of life insurance, and take a couple minutes to “insure” that your family will be able to continue to afford to enjoy these “events” next September—even if you are not around.

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  1. Tim Barnes, CLU says:

    I love infographics. I would share picture on my FB page if it did not have the advertisement on the bottom.

    I find it interesting that the percentage of people with insufficient life insurance mirrors the percentage of people with insufficient Long Term Care insurance.

    The difference is that when the life insured dies, they no longer have to rely on the government to pay their bills. When a person needs Long Term Care and does not have insurance, they generally rely on Medicaid to pay their bills.

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