Life Insurance…Made Easy

Traditionally, when someone needed to buy life insurance they were either solicited by, or sought out and contacted, an agent. They would have to sit down and meet with the agent (who often represented just one company) and deal with sales pressure to obtain the information they were looking for. Then, if they wanted a second opinion or another option, they would need to contact another agent and go through the same process.

However, like just about every other industry, the internet is changing the way life insurance is bought and sold. You can now obtain all the information and education you need online, including instant price quotes and various policy comparisons. Likewise, you can apply online without the hassle of meeting with an agent or filling out and signing a bunch of paperwork.

Our business and website is designed around providing independent life insurance services you need in one convenient place – your computer. This includes “self-help” life insurance needs analysis, instant price quotes from over 20 companies (without entering any contact information), and even a pressure-free and completely electronic application process. There is now no need to talk to an agent to get life insurance.

Nevertheless, even with all these self-service tools, we have dedicated agents willing and able to help when called upon – making sure that while technology makes the process easier for you, it does not eliminate the personalized and quality customer service you still deserve.

This is life insurance…made easy.

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