Life insurance until retirement

Imagine your employer came to you with a new benefit option: The company will provide your family with $50,000 a year for up to 20 years if you were to die prior to your retirement (at age 65)—and they will only take about $3 a day out of your paycheck. Furthermore, if you were to become disabled, the cost for this benefit will be waived until you are able to come back to work or until you turn 65 years old. Finally, even if the company decides to lay you off, they will continue to provide this financial protection benefit to you without cost for up to one year.

Well, while your company probably does not offer you this benefit, we do. If you are interested in a life insurance policy with a level premium until you turn 65 years old, along with a waiver of premium benefit if you become disabled or unemployed, either contact us or simply run your own instant price quote on our website (under “Type of Insurance” choose “To Age 65 Level”) and apply online.

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