Make a charitable donation—buy life insurance

Are you a donor to charities? Each year millions of dollars are donated to charities worldwide. These charities include causes such as medical research, disaster relief, church organizations, homeless shelters, education institutions, as well as countless millions that go directly from one individual or family to another.

However, have you ever stopped to think about donating charity to your own family? You may think, “I already give most everything I have to my own family.” That probably is true—but what would you leave them if you died tomorrow? Would you leave them with a financial contribution or a financial burden? Would they continue to have the income they need to provide for their needs and wants, or would they be forced to rely on the charity of others to help them through the financial burdens that surely come following the death of a parent.

If you don’t have life insurance, next time you pull out your wallet to donate money to any cause, remember that for about $1 a day you can create your own sizable charitable contribution to your family, to continue to take care of them financially after you die—so they won’t be forced to rely upon the charity of others.

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