More than just term life insurance

Most of the applications that come through our website are for term life insurance. Of course, this is not surprising as term life insurance usually provides the most life insurance coverage for the lowest cost—which is a pretty important factor when purchasing life insurance.

However, there are times when a life insurance product other than term life insurance is needed or desired. Perhaps you are looking for life insurance that provides guaranteed lifetime coverage, or a policy that will return all of your money back if you don’t end up needing it by the end of the term period. Either way, we got you covered!

Did you know that in addition to term life insurance, we also offer return of premium term life insurance, where all of your paid premiums are returned to you at the end of the term, if the policy isn’t collected on? We also offer no-lapse universal life insurance, which guarantees life insurance coverage up until age 121, as long as the pre-established premium is paid. Additionally, both of these kinds of policies are offered by a number of our life insurance carriers for which you can run instant price quotes on our website, so you can see for yourself which company will give you the best deal. And, the application process is still entirely online (except for the complimentary mini-medical exam)!

So, whether you are looking for a standard term life insurance policy, a return of premium life insurance policy or a no-lapse universal life insurance policy, visit our website for an instant price quote and an online application process—no meeting with an agent is necessary!

This is life insurance…made easy.

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One Response to More than just term life insurance

  1. ken says:

    The, really “THE”, best way to figure out if Return of Premium Life is best for you is to speak to an expert.

    The only other item I would mention is to be sure the “expert” candidates have achieved the CLU designation. (Chartered Life Underwriter) This is equivalent to a “Ph.D” in life insurance!

    Then you can be well, “almost” sure they really do know what they are talking about.

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