Speed up the life insurance application process

“What is taking so long?” This is a question that many people who apply for life insurance ask as they wait for their application to be approved and policy delivered. With the internet creating rapid response time in so many industries, it is understandable for those seeking life insurance wanting a “finished product” so quickly.

Life insurance companies are listening and new processes are catching on in an industry that can be slow to change. However, agents and agencies must adapt and incorporate these new tools to make them helpful to consumers.

Here at CEG Life, we have been taking these new tools and putting them together in one package to offer the consumer an easier and faster way to obtain life insurance. While many independent agencies offer the same products, and even offer competent and quality advice regarding life insurance; in addition to that we offer a much easier way to get life insurance. Get instant price quotes, research company strength ratings, calculate replacement income, and apply online—all from our website. You can even receive and pay for your policy electronically on the very same day it is approved!

However, even with all the speed and convenience offered by our online tools, we still offer personal advice and information tailored to each client, over the phone, via e-mail, or in person, according to each client’s wishes.

Online convenience. Personalized Service. CEG Life Insurance.

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