Storm Warning

If you received a warning that a devastating storm could be headed your way, you would likely take immediate steps to protect your family to the extent that you can to prevent, or at least minimize, the harm or damage that could result.

However, as we have seen in the news over the past few days, some storms are unpredictable and can come with little or no warning. Among all the damage and tragedy that resulted from recent tornadoes that terrorized parts of Missouri, Oklahoma, and other states, the worst by far is the loss of human life. As hard as this is to deal with emotionally for families and loved ones, the financial impact can increase that emotional difficulty and result in years of hardship and struggle.

These recent storms have reminded us not only that Mother Nature can be tenuous and unpredictable, but so can life. Consider this a “Storm Warning”, so you can go out and take the necessary steps to protect your family financially against the unpredictability of life. Sometimes one warning is all we get.

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