What is a “health class”?

A health class is specific rating that an insurance company assigns your application, which determines the cost of your desired life insurance policy. This rating is not established until after your application has been submitted, your paramedical exam has been taken (and it results analyzed), and any necessary medical records have been received and reviewed by the insurance company. Hence, any price quote you receive prior to this time is simply an illustration of how much you will pay IF you qualify for a specific health class. It is not an offer or a guaranteed price.

A health class is determined by a number of things. This includes your current health (as assessed by your paramedical exam), your health history, your lifestyle (habits, occupation, travel, hobbies), and your family health history. Underwriters (decision-makers) will analyze all of this information to issue a health class. The insurance company then uses this rating to determine the cost for your insurance policy.

When running quotes on our instant price quote machine, you may want to use a couple of different health classes to get an overall possible price range for your desired policy. If you have a specific cause of concern that you think may impact your health class, contact us and we will use our expertise to help you determine the best insurance company to submit your application to.

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